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A pre-election action of the BYuT leader

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Prime Minister Tymoshenko vows to realize the ideals of the Maidan 2004, she said Saturday evening in the capital's Independence Square following a concert to open the all-Ukrainian tour 'With Ukraine in the Heart'. The tour is reasonably called a pre-election action of the BYuT leader.
"I am convinced that no disappointment will ever be in our hearts. If we failed the first attempt, we will be a success with the second [attempt]. Athletes are given three attempts, and we will achieve everything with the second [attempt]", Tymoshenko said. 

According to her, it is impossible to allow perishing to those dreams, hopes and a powerful impetus that started on the Maidan several years ago.

"I believe that Ukraine is waiting for a team that will be able to return all our hopes and best expectations. Just for this we are here today, with Ukraine in the heart, with belief in the heart. I am convinced that we will show high class", the BYuT leader said.

VIA: Ukrinform
Written by: Sashko Monday, 14 September 2009 12:50