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Speaker Lytvyn proposes to raise labor efficiency

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Verkhovna Rada Speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn speaks for Ukraine to transfer to a "new quality" in the nearest future, he said this at a meeting with lecturers and students of the Uzhhorod National University.

In other words, according to Lytvyn, so that Ukraine seizes "to conserve own status of the raw material state by staking on chemistry and metal".

Asked by the students about the demands of the oppositional Party of Regions to raise the minimum wages and pensions, Lytvyn said that he also stands for the people to live better.

But promises and demands should have a definite basis for their realization. "Everyone says: "I will give", but at the same time nobody speaks about the labor efficiency, while this index in Ukraine makes up 18% of the labor efficiency rate in the USA", he said.

Lytvyn reminded that wage arrears make up almost UAH 1 billion for today, at the same time 80% of this amount falls on private enterprises.



Written by: Sashko Tuesday, 15 September 2009 15:03