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Biggest private museum opened in Kyiv

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Just before the New Year 2010, Kyiv got a new place of interest and cultural tourism as the biggest private museum of modern art in Ukraine opened in Podil, replacing a former supermarket. Instead of paints and toilet bowls visitors to the same building can now admire paintings by Tetiana Yablonska and sculptures by Ivan Kavaleridze.
“It is said that Ukrainian art school along with its regional schools is not known in the world. But first we have to collect the art and show it here, in Ukraine,” Sergiy Tsiupko, official founder and owner of the museum, said.

Tsiupko, a partner in jewelry, banking and construction businesses, bought his first paintings from his friend, artist Mykhaylo Shevchenko, when he was only 26. Now, 20 years later, his art collection has increased to more than 4,500 items. In 2005 he opened a small private museum. To accommodate it he rented the ground floor and a basement of a building in Podil. His own three-storey building in another part of the same district he rented out to Oldi, the construction materials supermarket. Last year the rental cost for the museum became too high when Oldi’s contract expired. Thus the museum was moved to a new location, which was several times bigger.

“It is really the biggest private museum of modern Ukrainian art,” said Yuriy Vakulenko, director of the Museum of Russian art in Kyiv, adding that Tsiupko holds the biggest publicly known collection of Ukrainian art. At the same time Tsiupko continues buying new artworks. “What I need is to earn more,” he states. “I hope my children will continue my work.” If that doesn’t happen, he promised to hand his collection over to the Ukrainian state.

Written by: Publisher Thursday, 28 January 2010 18:35