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Sugar prices increase in Ukraine is baseless

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Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko, a candidate for the presidency, predicts that prices for sugar will roll back after the presidential election run-off, she said at a meeting with farmers in Mykolaiv.
"The election is over in a week and a half and all prices will roll back, since this is practice," Tymoshenko states.
In her words, big sugarmakers pushed up prices for their products without any valid reason. Economy Minister Bogdan Danylyshyn attributes the sharp increases in prices of food-stuffs in Ukrainian regions to attempts to discredit present Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in the run-up to the second round of the presidential election.
B. Danylyshyn added that the good harvest of 2009 and the sufficient reserves of food-stuffs were additional factors demonstrating that the price increases were baseless.
Written by: Publisher Friday, 29 January 2010 11:35