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Ukrainian teaher shot in USA

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Ukrainian teacher Tetyana Nikitina was shot in Salt Lake City, USA, on Saturday, 30th of January, near school as she was leaving work. T. Nikitina was a head-start teacher and was killed by her former mother-in-law, a 70-year-old woman who unloaded a revolver into the car Tetyana was driving, reloaded, then unloaded the gun again. The shooter then called police and reported the shooting. No children were at the school when the shooting occurred.
The motive for the killing remains unclear, and when asked for a reason for the shooting, the ex-mother-in-law simply said “I don’t know, and that’s all I’m going to say.” Nikitina divorced her ex-husband in 2005. Tetyana was originally from Ukraine. She had custody of two children from her marriage to the shooter’s son. Court records show that on two occasions after her divorce filed for a protective order against her ex-husband. He took custody of the parties children after the death of Tetyana.

T. Nikitina was engaged to be married on St. Valentine’s Day.
Written by: Publisher Monday, 01 February 2010 13:21 Last Updated on Wednesday, 10 February 2010 17:13