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Ukraine and Russia both are interested in revising gas prices

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Not only Ukraine, but Russia also is interested in amending Ukraine-Russia gas contracts, Ukrainian expert Bogdan Sokolovsky stated.
Ukraine is interested in cutting down a gas price, but it is also profitable for Russia, Sokolovsky is convinced, that the Ukrainian gas transportation system was working efficiently and that gas transit was fulfilled without interruption.

“Under the existing conditions of the price formation, the situation at the Naftogaz of Ukraine is critical, the company is simply rushing to a “debtor's prison.” In summer, there will be no funds to carry out current maintenance works and repairs of the trunk pipeline. It is almost evident. What kind of expenses could be there for service, if now there are billions of debts with a prospect of their growing?
As a result, a non-repaired gas transportation system (GTS) plus underground storages that are not filled with gas to an optimal level can bring to failures of gas transit next winter. Transit failures, whoever is blamed for it, mean losses of supplier,” Sokolovsky says.

He noted that the Russians need medium-term and long-term guarantees that it will be possible to carry out gas transit via Ukraine's territory without interruptions and get a systemic profit from the export.
Written by: Publisher Saturday, 06 March 2010 20:17