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Clothing of Ukrainian Olympic team stolen in Vancouver

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Two people with a key to a warehouse made off with official Ukraine and Russian Olympic sports clothing.
And the theft happened despite the fact there was a security guard present who appeared to have watched while the two people made off with goods worth $40,000. Cpl. Jennifer Pound said the theft occurred on March 5 between midnight and 2:30 a.m.
“Two males entered the Bosco Sports warehouse which was situated in the 5000-block of Miller Road. The warehouse held the Bosco clothing line, which is the official olympic sport clothing for Russia and the Ukraine. Approximately $40,000 in clothing was stolen from the warehouse,” she said.
“A security guard was on scene and witnessed the two males, identified by security as a black male and a white male, enter the building with a key. The two males were dressed in the Bosco Olympic Wear,” she said. “The clothing is unique only to the 2010 Olympics and cannot be bought through any other supplier,” said Pound.
Written by: Publisher Tuesday, 16 March 2010 17:59