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Blue Sphere Corporation to start work in Ukraine

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Blue Sphere Corporation, a company in the Cleantech sector as an Emission Reduction project integrator, announced thay it has signed two contracts with two landfills in Ukraine to burn waste methane gas.
The projects involve the construction and operation of a flaring system and the preparation of a feasibility study on whether power generation facilities may be commercially feasible. Such a power generation system is intended to capture and convert methane gas into a usable energy source from the two landfills in Ukraine. Waste methane can be extracted from the landfill and burned to generate carbon credits: if power generation systems are created, the methane gas would be used as fuel.

One of the landfills is located near the capital Kyiv and the other one is in east Ukraine, near an urban and industrial center. The total estimated Certified Emission Reductions ("CER") for the lifespan of the two landfills, 13 years, in Ukraine is 1,050,000. Of this amount, Blue Sphere expects to net 855,000 CERs. A methane gas collection system is to be constructed at the landfills and methane flares are planned so as to burn the methane gas in an environmentally friendly system.

Once the installation of the flaring system is complete, a feasibility study for electricity generation will be conducted. Blue Sphere's hope is that it will be feasible to construct a power generation facility that will extract the methane and use it as an energy source. As the methane gas at the landfills is expected to increase over time, the flare system would burn off any excess that cannot be used by the power generation facility.

Ukraine is a JI ("Joint Implementation") country, which has already seen other carbon reduction projects become registered in 2009. JI and CDM ("Clean Development Mechanism") are the two project-based mechanisms which feed the carbon market. JI enables industrialized countries to carry out joint implementation projects with other developed countries, while the CDM involves investment in sustainable development projects that reduce emissions in developing countries.
Written by: Publisher Sunday, 21 March 2010 14:38