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Ukraine to have good grain harvest this year

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Ukraine will have a good grain harvest this year despite the fact that, according to the Agriculture Ministry's forecasts, Ukrainian farmers will have to re-sow 12-15% of grain crops, according to agrarian market expert Mariya Kolesnyk.
"Nearly 10% of grain crops are still partially under water. Therefore, it is difficult to fully assess the damage. According to optimistic forecasts, this is 10% of loss. The loss of rapeseed is about 20%, whereas the loss of grain crops is around 10%. So it means that we'll have an average figure of 13%," she said while commenting on the situation with grain crops.

"Due to a very good provision of soil with moisture, this year's crop yield is expected to be good. Therefore, the gross grain output will be good. There will be additional costs, but there's no need to say that companies will remain at a loss," she said.
Written by: Publisher Friday, 02 April 2010 12:35 Last Updated on Friday, 02 April 2010 12:46