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Ukraine will cooperate with Hungary in anti-flood system

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Ukraine's Emergencies Minister Nestor Shufrych and Hungary's Minister of Environment and Water Imre Szabo signed in Budapest a memorandum on joint development of anti-flood system and elaboration of projects to receive EU funds.
The ministers drew attention to the pollution of the Tisza River by municipal waste and agreed to initiate cooperation with other interested countries.

Shufrych, in particular, noted that "Today we have discussed our cooperation in the case of spring floods in the Tisza River basin, and agreed joint actions for the next two years. I am very pleased that Hungary has joined our initiative to apply to the European structures concerning a common settlement of issues related to flood control activities in the Tisza basin of the Carpathian region.

During the discussion, Shufrych expressed the conviction of the necessity of constructing joint waterworks, polders, which would hold back the volume of the Tisza waters during floods. The Ukrainian minister proposed that Hungary, as a member of the EU, and Ukraine, as the Danube state, appeal to the European Commission together so that the issue of assistance in flood control and mitigation has been the subject of special attention of the European Commission.
Written by: Publisher Monday, 05 April 2010 13:25 Last Updated on Monday, 05 April 2010 13:34