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Platini gave Ukraine 2 months to catch up with Euro 2012

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UEFA president Michel Platini on Thursday gave the Ukrainian government two months to show signs Kyiv would be able to catch up on preparations for co-hosting the Euro 2012 soccer tournament.
Platini, ending a two-day trip in which he toured Ukraine's four host cities, said he had spelled this out to President Viktor Yanukovych in a meeting, although in response to a journalist's question, he denied it amounted to an ultimatum.

"I told him we need guarantees from the government on going forward and I told him that in the next two months we would like to see strong signs of advancing," Platini told journalists after a half-hour meeting with Yanukovych. "President Yanukovich gave guarantees that the work would be done and that he would do everything for the government to follow this," he said.

Platini repeated that the executive committee of UEFA had said if the Kyiv stadium was not ready, the Euro tournament would not take place in Ukraine. Asked what contingency UEFA might be planning, he said: "There is no Plan B... no Plan C", but he also said UEFA could not afford to wait one and a half years to make a final decision.
Written by: Publisher Friday, 09 April 2010 14:07 Last Updated on Friday, 09 April 2010 14:47