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Business war in Ukraine

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 The Tavria agro-industrial firm (Nova Kakhovka, Kherson region), which is one of the largest producers of cognac in Ukraine, has accused the First National Winemaking Holding, which is part of the Lohos corporation (Dnipropetrovsk), of attempting to take over the company.

The press service of Tavria announced this in a statement. 

According to the press service, an attempt to take over Tavria with the help of about 180 employees of private security firms was organized by Valerii Shamotyi, a shareholder of the company and president of the Lohos corporation.

"The storming of Tavria failed thanks to clear and smooth actions by the enterprise's guards and employees of the municipal police department," the press service said.

According to the press service, Tavria's guards, police officers, and about 800 employees of Tavria managed to surround the attackers and push them out of Tavria's territory.

Investigators from the prosecutor's office and the Security Service of Ukraine are presently working at the enterprise.

"After lending Tavria more than UAH 40 million for delivered products, the no-good shareholders attempted to take over the factory by force. After beginning misinformation and libel in the mass media, they have gone as far as bloodletting and a gangland showdown," the press service said.

The leadership of Tavria estimates the damage caused at about UAH 1 million.

"All the windows in the administrative building have been smashed, doors have been broken, and some offices have been trashed along with the computers and office equipment in them... In an attempt to avoid bankruptcy, Shamotyi and the First National Winemaking Holding are ready to do anything to regain control of the enterprise with the aim of subsequently reselling it. His gangster methods should be assessed fairly by the law enforcement agencies," the press service said.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Shamotyi accused Tavria's general Director Oleksandr Sydorenko in early August of taking over the enterprise.

Police have detained 169 people for attempting to break onto the territory of Tavria.

According to the police, a total of about 180 people arrived in three buses and attempted to enter the territory of the enterprise.

According to the police, 39 people were hospitalized with various degrees of injuries as a result of a clash between the two sides.

The Tavria agro-industrial firm is one of the largest wine enterprises in Ukraine.

Tavria, which produces goods under the trademarks Tavria, Heorhievskyi, and ALeXX, produced 6.66 million liters of ordinary, vintage, and collector's cognac in 2008.
Written by: Sashko Friday, 04 September 2009 17:23